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“By bringing their time, resources, and expertise into Beacon's public schools, Hudson Valley Seed has changed the landscape of healthy eating for our students. Children who learn about vegetables with Hudson Valley Seed are excited to try those vegetables in their school cafeteria.” - Karen Pagano, Food Service Director, Beacon City School District

“Hudson Valley Seed works with teachers to ensure that garden time furthers academic lessons and meets state standards. We are looking forward to our students having the opportunity to continue to write in garden journals, make salads, plant seeds and try new vegetables.” -Lisa Buon, Principal, Horizons on Hudson Elementary School, Newburgh

“Our Club members enjoyed planting vegetables, cooking new foods, and learning outdoors. The garden has become a thriving outdoor learning space and children are always eager to participate in Hudson Valley Seed activities.” - Kevin White, Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of Newburgh

“Hudson Valley Seed’s interns have the rare chance to learn on the job how to teach young people, prepare lesson plans and educational materials, and integrate fresh produce and farming into exciting learning contexts for children.” -Ruth Moore, Executive Director, Cornell Cooperative Extension (Green Teens program)

“I love that my daughters’ HVS garden time is woven in with what they are learning in school. Whether it’s science, literature or math, garden time is thoughtfully connected to the curriculum and makes for a hands-on, richer learning experience. They also come home having tried new vegetables, and are eager to share recipes at home!” - Kyoko Gelber, parent of HVS Garrison student, and HVS Board member

“My kid comes home from school stating facts about cabbage and requesting cabbage for a snack. Umm what? She adores her garden teachers and truly looks forward to Garden Tuesdays and the veggie that will be featured. Amazing program to get little kids into gardening... and nutrition!- Stacie Merrill, Parent, JVF

I like garden time because we get to try new vegetables and foods.” - Aliana Alijaj, student, 3rd grade, Glenham, Beacon

“Garden Time is an example of “Best Teaching Practice” in that it connects concepts with concrete and evolving experiences in a fun, scientific way. It has inspired all of the students, many of whom would like to have their own gardens. The program is so much fun and is educational. It should be a part of every school program.” - Deb Joyce, Teacher, 2nd Grade, South Ave

“A BIG thank you to “Hudson Valley Seed” for their continued support in our district’s schools. They have not only inspired my little one to grow her very own veggies and spices at home but also a passion to teach her friends the same. She loves the smell of the vegetables growing, getting dirty and eating and trying something new! All thanks to the Hudson Valley Seed program.” - Felicita Colon-Cordero, Parent, Fostertown

“My son taught me about eating spinach raw. I always cooked it, but he loved it when you made snacks in the garden class, so now we eat it raw at home.” - Pratyasha Singh, Parent, Glenham, Beacon

“The Hudson Valley Seed program connects our modern day kids to the cycles of the earth, providing authentic, “hands-on” experiences into the fascinating world of growing food. Children’s faces light up as they discover connections between the food they eat and how that food grows! They continue to make those connections between the weekly Garden Time visits. I have observed the Hudson Valley Seed program grow and flourish over the years of our partnership. My wish is for all students, in all classrooms, to have these experiences and benefit from this wonderful program.” - Louann Joyce, Teacher, 1st Grade, JVF

I love trying new foods and seeing new vegetables too. I have never seen many of them in person before. I like going outside for garden time sitting in the soft grass and learning about vegetables.” - Leila Hamilton, Student, 2nd Grade, Horizons, Newburgh

“We learned to take care of the garden and harvest the vegetables.” - Jessiah, Student, 2nd Grade, Temple Hill, Newburgh

“Hudson Valley Seed is a terrific opportunity for children to learn about gardens and eating healthy foods they grow themselves. I love the hands on activities and the children are excited to learn and always eager to participate! It is the favorite time of the week for my class and me!” - Danielle Yeaple, Teacher, 2nd Grade, Glenham, Beacon

“The Hudson Valley Seed garden program is an educational, unique and enjoyable program. The educators are very knowledgeable about plants and planting. The students catch on to their enthusiasm and enjoyment of learning about gardening. We, the students and teachers at Sargent School enjoy seeing the seasonal changes in the garden right in our backyard! I think the program and having the garden as a part of the school is also definitely providing an awareness that healthy eating tastes good!” - Kim Asch, Teacher, 2nd Grade, Sargent, Beacon

“Gardens are important because fruits and vegetables help our bodies grow.” - Angel, Student, 2nd Grade, Sargent, Beacon

“We loved Garden Time! The classes were excited to learn about growing vegetables and even enjoyed trying veggies they have never tried before!” - Mrs. Colon, Parent, Fostertown, 2nd Grade Teacher, Fostertown

“My students and I have truly enjoyed working with the Hudson Valley educators. The students love being outside in the garden exploring and learning new things or in the classroom learning about a new vegetable, and then getting a taste of it in some delicious recipe that they help make. What I like most about working with Hudson Valley Seed is that if I ask them to incorporate a math or science concept we are learning in class, they design a hands on lesson that helps reinforce or teach those ideas.” - Robin Waters, Teacher, 5th Grade, Garrison

“The girls got a chance to watch, grow and learn where their food comes from, try new foods they haven’t tried before, and what the different methods to raising an organic garden are. Our girls also learned patience and understanding. They learned when you work hard good things come to you. Over the summer the girls watched the garden grow and as leaders we watched our girls gain knowledge and grow with the garden.” - Allie Jusino, Girl Scout leader, PTO President and Parent, Temple Hill, Newburgh

“My sons have worked with HVS at Sargent for the past few years and have both loved the experience and always look forward to garden days! They have a new appreciation for where their food comes from and the work involved with growing it now. Both my sons have gained so much from the HVS garden educators and have used that knowledge to successfully grow their own veggie gardens at home.” - Meghan Burns, Parent, Sargent, Beacon

“I’m really happy to see the Hudson Valley Seed program in action. It’s really nice when chopping veggies in the kitchen, Dylan knows what they are and how to grow them.” - Victoria Sklenar, Parent, South Ave, Beacon

“Our family is so thankful to Hudson Valley Seed for bringing this incredible program to our school. To teach children to grow something beautiful in our beautiful growing city is a wonderful thing. The work the HVS team has dedicated to make our garden beautiful and bountiful is so appreciated. They have taught our kids about landscape design, soil, seeds, planting, and harvesting, but also what a community garden represents. Caring is one of the principles we live by at Horizons-on-the-Hudson, our garden is a beautiful way to share this with our school family and our city. Thank you.” - Kate Clark, Parent, Horizons, Newburgh

“As an educator and avid gardener I love having the Hudson Valley Seed project in the classroom. My students look forward to our time with Mr Adels. What a great way for them to be exposed to how easy it is to plant your own vegetables and the exposure they are getting to different foods is amazing. I can’t wait to get started this year!” - Katie Allen, Teacher, 2nd Grade, Horizons, Newburgh