Hudson Valley Seed recognized for excellence in E-STEM teaching

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You know your children and young neighbors are learning gardening with Hudson Valley Seed. But did you also know that while they’re in the garden, our students are also applying real-world STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) topics?

Hudson Valley Seed’s garden learning program was recognized this summer as one of the top ten environmental and E-STEM programs in North America, receiving a 2017 Innovative Education Finalist’s Award from UL and the NAAEE (North American Association of Environmental Educators).

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"for embracing ESTEM...

to inspire the next generation of business leaders, engineers, inventors, researchers, and scientists.”

During garden lessons each year, Hudson Valley Seed’s students learn to count and multiply pumpkin seeds, read planting instructions on seed packets, record weather observations and seasonal changes, hypothesize about and test germination stages, observe and cultivate food systems, dig to discover decomposers in the soil and explore to find helpful and harmful insects, experiment with stem absorption, understand their garden as a habitat, and so much more.

Hudson Valley Seed’s garden time is unusual in how hands-on we let kids be, how much we encourage questions and exploration, and how we combine up to six subjects into each integrated lesson! Our student-centered, experiential, democratic approach to learning fosters agency within students, both in the classroom and beyond. HVS students show increased focus in the classroom, improved test results, and increased school attendance.

And our students learn to love the earth - Through caring for their small gardens, we help children understand each human’s responsibility in caring for nature. By activating students’ interest in ecology and food systems, we lay the groundwork for an entire local generation of informed, engaged, capable environmental stewards.