Crop Shops = Success!


It turns out kids love selling veggies almost as much as growing and eating them (i.e., a lot)! Throughout October we partnered with the Beacon Rec’s After School Program and Common Ground Farm to host eight kid-operated farm stands at South Ave, JVF, Sargent, and Garrison elementary schools. 

Students participating in the after-school program picked the veggies that were ripe in their school gardens, arranged them on tables and priced them, and then sold them to parents and neighbors at pickup time. Beyond what the kids picked themselves, we also were able to offer additional veggies provided through a partnership with Common Ground Farm.

Hudson Valley Seed’s staff Air Nonken shared: “I visited a Crop Shop right around the corner from my house, and was greeted by a small crowd of children very enthusiastic to tell me all about each vegetable, including which of the types of lettuce were least bitter, how many peppers they had picked that afternoon (105!), and which was the best deal (yellow beans, $2/lb). The young salespeople, most of whom were in 2nd grade, weighed my selections, tallied my costs, and figured out my change - I was impressed with their mental math!

Seeing their excitement about the tasty veggies, how eager they were to share them with others, how knowledgeable they were about the produce, and the tangible benefits of slyly incorporating math, writing, and more into the project gave me such delightful reassurance that our garden educators are, yet again, giving Hudson Valley kids an invaluable boost on essential life skills.”