School Crop Shop opening!

Imagine the coolest lemonade stand ever, but with vegetables!

As you may have heard, Hudson Valley Seed has partnered with the Beacon Rec’s After School Program and Common Ground Farm to open a farm stand! We are excited that our Food Fridays program will feature a kid operated farm stand with fresh produce donated by our partners. Each week, from October 6th through November 11th, staff from Hudson Valley Seed and the After School Program will be on hand to make sure the kids have a great experience and learn about produce, small business and salesmanship. The kids will be doing as much as possible to operate the stand. (Please be patient while a 2nd grader figures out your total and makes change!) The stand is open to the public, please feel free to visit all the stores at all the locations (and tell all your friends). The more customers our participants meet, the better the experience. Also, half of the proceeds go towards the tuition assistance program. Fresh delicious local produce for a good cause!

The stand will rotate through our program. The stand will be open for business from 4:45 – 6:00. The dates and locations will be:

    • 10/5 - Garrison
    • 10/6 – South – Front entrance near the handicap parking
    • 10/11 - Garrison
    • 10/13 – South – Front entrance near the handicap parking
    • 10/20 – Sargent – Lower cafeteria entrance
    • 10/27 – Sargent – Lower cafeteria entrance
    • 11/3 – JVF – In front of main entrance
    • 11/10 – JVF – In front of main entrance

If the weather is inclement, we will retreat slightly to be indoors/covered. We will be open rain or shine!

If you have wicker baskets, we would like to borrow them for display purposes. Those can be dropped off at the after school program at pick-up if you have a child enrolled in program or at the Rec Center. We will do our best to return them to you after the stand closes for the season.

We hope to see you at the stand!