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Grow a Windowsill Garden

Great Windowsill Crops

For a fresh supply of herbs and salad ingredients  that are easy crops to grow in pots or window boxes indoors, try cilantro, basil, parsley, chives, and lettuce! If you don't have a plant pot handy, you can use a recycled plastic container like the salad box in the picture above. Remember to poke holes so the water can drain, and put a plastic tray beneath the pot to catch any extra water. Leave plenty of space between seeds to the plants have room to grow or transplant the young seedlings once they start to get big.

Mini Kale Forest

Try a magical mini kale forest by seeding lots of kale in a seed growing tray. You can put little figurines and other objects within the seedlings to make it look like giant trees in a forest! Once the plants start to turn from forest to jungle, you can selectively weed out some of the plants (and transplant them to other pots if you'd like), leaving the others to grow bigger.

Jack and the Beanstalk

How about adding some whimsy with a Jack and the Giant Beanstalk?! Find a stick or similar object for a bean plant to twist up as it grows and then add a figurine to be "Jack" climbing the beanstalk. You can easily grow a tall bean plant in a recycled plastic bottle planter by following these instructions.