Family Fun in the Garden!

Springtime means getting outside and learning while watching plants sprout and grow! Have fun in the garden with these activities for the whole family.

Garden Treasure Hunt

Hide clues along a route from, for example, home, to a treasure hidden the garden. Make each clue a question or riddle that the treasure seeker must figure out to find the next hidden clue. Use clues that require some knowledge of plants and animals. For example: tape a piece of paper with a clue underneath a leaf and lead the seeker to it with a riddle like, "I am the part of a plant that makes food using sunlight. Find me and turn me over to get your next clue."

Make a Toad Home

Invite wildlife into your garden/yard with a half-buried or broken ceramic planting pot that a toad would love to snuggle into. Paint it and make a little welcoming sign for toads. Place it on or in the soil in a damp, shaded area then wait and see who comes...!

Camera Game

This engaging activity allows people to share a unique perspective and close observation of plants or other elements of a garden. One person pretends to be a photographer using the other person as their camera. The camera closes their eyes and is led through the garden until a the photographer finds a shot. The photographer arranges the camera (tells the camera to squat/lie down/kneel or manipulates the camera by turning the person's head up/down/to the side) then taps the shoulder of the camera to "take the photo," which means the camera opens their eyes and sees the image.